Season 1 Season Finale (Return of the Feathered Serpent)


May 1519 – Xico 

Cortés’ ambassadors meet Moctezuma’s ambassadors in Xico.  Moctezuma’s ambassadors had been sent when word was received that Cortés had arrived in Veracruz and brought with them presents.  Among the ambassadors, Tlazopilli is accompanied by his two children, Ichtaca and Citlalin.  Pedro notices Citlalin immediately.   The presents sent by Cortés are sent back to Moctezuma and both parties continue together back to the port of Veracruz.  On the journey, Pedro tries to approach Citlalin but she doesn’t speak Mayan and he doesn’t speak Nahuatl and to make things worse, Pedro does not know how to talk to a girl. (conectan con la parte de la pelea) 

June 1519 – Veracruz 

Cortés receives Moctezuma’s ambassadors and receives numerous gifts including a headdress made with Quetzal feathers.   Pedro finds Malinalli and begs her to teach him Nahuatl and asks her about Aztec girls.  Malinalli warns him that Aztecs are the enemy but in the end decides to help him when Pedro reminds her that she was born an Aztec girl herself.  Pedro tries to talk to Citlalin who finds Pedro charming and amusing. 

June 1519 – Tenochtitlan 

Tlazopilli and their group return to Moctezuma with the terrifying report of the possible return of Quetzalcoatl.  Moctezuma is in fear.  He remembers Papantzin’s death dream in which she saw the return of the legend. 

Moctezuma is told that all the dreamers he summoned have arrived.  Uncertain what to do or believe, he sends for all tribal dreamers from all villages across the empire.  From every valley and volcano, the dreamers travel overland and muscled travelers, old, middle aged and very young, come before Moctezuma to tell the dreams they’ve been dreaming about a most mysterious thing: The Future.  

The tribal dreamers take their calling to dream for “the people of the earth,” as their serious troth to care for and protect souls. Dreamers led lives without rancor or vengeance, all in order to be lucid messengers between heaven and earth. Thus, one of the holiest prayers one could pray was to ask the highest source of dream vision to be granted an immaculate heart. 

Even though Moctezuma has already heard the distant thunder of immense change bearing down upon the Nahua empire, he wants to be told otherwise. He wishes that the world he has put together by feast, conquest and marriage, will never end.   But the tribal dreamers cannot support Moctezuma’s fantasy. The dreamers, instead, remain true to the dreams. They tell Moctezuma that they dreamed he and all of Aztlan would fall, great fires would explode throughout the land, huge stones would crash to the earth, blood would run, the soul of the Nahua would suffer greatly.  

To this end of preserving his world, Moctezuma does the unconscionable in full knowledge. He orders the slaughter of all the dreamers.   He kills every last dreamer who has spoken of his or her dream that the end of the empire is at hand, that a new day is coming and that there will first be a terrible cost. Thus, the red blood of every last gentle, innocent dreamer runs into the ground.    (Moctezuma  – antes de hoy el futuro estaba escrito) 

Citlalin walks out of the city as she is thinking of Pedro.  In the dark of the night she hears noises in the forest.  She starts running but she is being chased by a creature.   It is Xolotl who is after her.  She is caught by the creature and as he starts to drag her away, she is able to fight him back with what she learned from Necalli and is able to get away. 

July 1519 – Veracruz 

Cortés finds out that some of his men want to rebel by stealing a ship and return to Cuba.  To set an example to the rest of his men, he punishes them severely by hanging two and cutting the feet off another.  He decides to burn their ships to avoid another rebellion attempt to return to Cuba.