Art In Motion International seeks investment partners through two main instruments:

A. SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE (access to SPV example)

As equity investor (equity up to 30% of a single project).

  • 2 year to start recoup of capital.
  • 8th Place recoup in Waterfall.
  • 9th place 20% ROI in Waterfall.
  • 50% Backend net profits prorate/pari-passu with Producers.
  • 30k Minimum (1 share).

Plus Membership Rights:

  • 2.5% gains from net profits from the other projects of the slate.
B. AIM-IN FILM FUND (access to Film Fund details)

As a 5 Film Fund Investor (for 25-30% a 5 to 7 feature film slate).

  • 2 year prorate return of capital on each project, 5-6 year total.
  • 2rd Place in Waterfall (before Breakeven Point).
  • 10th Place for an 18%-21% IRR in Waterfall.
  • 50k minimum (1 share).
Investment links pass-codes available upon request

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