GODS OF WAR – Project’s Rationale

Why is Game of Thrones so popular and how is it relatable to Gods of War?

Emotional Investment

GOT story gives us strong feelings toward just about every single character. Whether it’s the white hot hatred we all feel for Joffrey, or the unadulterated devotion to Tyrion Lannister, each individual story gives us a reason to care.

GOW spends time understanding the motivations of all characters and the parallelisms between the Mesoamericans and the Europeans, while their civilizations were alien to each other they both shared similar goals and defects and nuanced behaviors.

An large ensemble  of  varied and complex characters

GOT has always thrived on its multitude of characters across the realms of the Seven Kingdoms. Checking in on one location often involves digging into the complex motivations and workings of at least four to five people, each with a compelling story to tell. What’s even more impressive though is that even with this many characters to handle, each plot ties into the main story in some way, shape, or form.

GOW has a large pool of archetypal characters in different locations whose stories are followed simultaneously until they converge, often switching allegiances, at times confronting or supporting each other.


GOT – One of the unconscious elements behind war movies and violent games is the fascination for violence and gore.

GOW – In spite that La Conquista events are filled with death and gory rituals it all happens within a strong and clear context so violence and gore are not gratuitous and justified but quite the contrary, without being judgemental, if explicit, any violence will be a reprehensible act on both sides, often avoidable and always with dire consequences.

Women Rise to Power

So many women like Game of thrones because it shows how women rise to power in a manly world. This is pretty much analogous to the difficulties women face in the modern world.

Historic – Malinche

Fictional – Citlalin


Throughout the show people keep getting frustrated by seeing the bad ones do many bad things without getting caught or punished. Because that frustration is hardly released people keep watching the show hoping that the bad guys will get punished.

Fire Lords is filled with historic accounts of injustices and deceits.


The fact that the plot is so complicated and that guessing the next event is hard takes curiosity to a new level. Also, the fact that the events are too slow to unfold keeps people curious.

Fire Lords historic events are very surprising.  The same must be done with fictional characters so that audiences that know the history are also surprised by turn of events.


Intellectual people usually enjoy the level of complexity they see in game of thrones. This is one reasons why many smart people like the show

Fire Lords is very complex with historical facts.

Power Struggle

Many books have talked about the power struggle, especially in politics, but none have provided a very clear image on what it looks like. Game of thrones is all about power struggle and how it takes place in real life.

Fire Lords is all about power struggle. In some cases for religion and in other cases for gold.

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