Trip and Script by Marcelo & Ricardo Del Rio

Hotel California Poster 1

 You can check out any time you like, but you just can never leave… 




Lured by fortune and fame a band of ex-convicts enters a music festival set in a Mexican ghost town, this will be the gig for their lives.



A group of four ex-convicts decide to live together to save the little money each one earns from their pathetic jobs. Their disfunctional new “family” is about to break up before it starts. Full in debt and about to be evicted, they realize that their only way out is to take part in a misterious music contest set in San Juditas, a Mexican Ghost town. They decide to impersonate “Los Santos”, an obscure Rock Band that had rented rooms in their house, but misteriously dissappeared six months before, leaving their instruments and a huge amount of hidden drugs behind.

Meanwhile, the original members of Los Santos are being tortured in a sacrificial manner in San Juditas, B.C. One of them escapes and gets to cross the border. When he is about to get home to pick up his things, a couple of secret police men grab him and take him away and back.

The band tries to find Sergio, the fifth ex convict, a repented would be assasin, who seriously writes awful poetry and lived once in San Juditas, to convince him to get them there. Sergio refuses, he will never go back to the kind of life he tries to escape from. Brian, the only professional musician and leader of the band, convinces him with the promise that one of his poems is good enough to make a song out of it. Sergio lost his love there and that would be the perfect excuse to get her back, but warns them that they may never come back. The band will go for the prize.

Once in San Juditas, Tim, starts to notice strange events. His sister Ana and Pinky, a huge gay afro american who believes in destiny and true love, try to convince him it is just his imagination playing games on him. The people of the town could not be friendlier, although they are strange and their outfits extravagant. The outsiders look dangerous, though, they are agressive and coarse, drug traffickers surely, but nothing to worry if they avoid interacting with them. The band is tense so Brian stops the practice and invites all to the Cantina for drinks. Brian and Tim are always fighting about Ana. Tim does not want an ex-con to pretend his sister and Brian is in love. They get into a fight but Sergio’s ex partner stops it and is about to discover them.

At the same time, an ancient Aztec ritual to sacrifice the cartel boss takes place. The band doesn’t knows that whoever wins the contest will be sacrificed as well… And they win.