Helping to develop, to find the creative and technical resources and to co-financing high quality projects has always been one of our strenghts. Building a strong foundation based on experience and care, greatly enhances a project’s chance for success; not only during it’s production, but over it’s distribution and commercial run.

AIM to taylor a production concept that perfectly fits the story, to find exactly what are the project’s needs and to efficiently produce and post-produce it to get as much on the screen as possible. AIM provides financing, applies for incentives, secures intitutional and union support, finds sales agents and distribution.  AIM has been involved in the development, co-production or distribution of film projects like:

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze (Feature)








The Matador (Feature)

The Matador (x)

Hands of Stone (Feature)









Deadly Swarm (Feature)

Zapata – El Sueño del Heroe (Feature)

Garcia Marquez’ Memoria de Mis Putas Tristes (Feature)









“Surrounding the project with the best people will greatly enhance the production value: We know the difference between production cost and production value”.