Screenplay by Marcelo & Ricardo Del Rio

Based on a Story by Marcelo Del Rio Haza

El Jefe

“Only your death will reveal your truth”



A cartel Capo teams up with a famous journalist to avenge against the system that betrayed them as he tries to escape with a small orphan who wants to follow in his footsteps.


Carlos Guerrero learns the ways of the “Corporation”.

After witnessing the kidnap and murder of a Politician’s wife, Carlos is ordered to execute her young son. If he completes his task, there is no way back. Carlos disappears with the kid and no one ever sees him again. Now Carlos has to kill the Politician whom he admires; his boss suspects he will stop the war on drugs before it starts and this would be against their interests.

Carlos does what he has to do, with a clean shot to the heart, he kills him and his lover, a young latina girl.  Jonatan, his mentor, advises him never to shoot that way again, they can be tracked as a trademark. On their way out, they hear an infant cry. Carlos is ordered to kill the baby but he refuses and saves the infant instead and asks his partner to keep the secret. Now Carlos owes him and this kind of favors may cost him both their lives: When that child grows up, he will get his revenge.

30 years have passed, Carlos is a powerful Capo and Jonatan is now his second in command. Apparently, Carlos has no family. He knows the implications of having one… but he is fond of his partner’s family. While they watch a political interview a day before elections, his mentor implies that something has to be done about Karen Ferrer. She is a famous and incorruptible journalist in Mexico… she is still their worst enemy. Carlos refuses and no one in the organization understands why. Carlos suspects a conspiration against him while Karen interviews her old friend, now candidate…  She hurts his campaign and spoils her last powerful friendship not knowing how much she would need one soon.

During election day, Carlos  finds out he is marked to die and his death will be manipulated to legitimize the next governor. He contacts Karen to arrange for an interview where he will display proof of the corrupted system while he tries to escape. She refuses until she finds out that her family is under the cartel surveilance and only Carlos can help… But first, Carlos has to settle accounts with those who betrayed him; he does and they ask for a clean death. He kills them instead in the same fashion they made him kill the politician. He is not prepared to uncover his identity yet.

Carlos changes appearance and goes into a church where he meets a kid who tries to steal money from the church box. As he wrestles with him, the kid recognizes who he is. He wants to be a “The King of Hearts” like him when he grows up. Carlos finally scrams him away, but when he is asked for alms, he notices the kid took his gun and stole his money. The kid is a fugitive himself. He is running away from his father who exploits him and now wants to kill him.

Carlos starts looking for him while trying to hide from his own people. In the meantime, Karen discovers that one of her many enemies is going to kidnap her family. Karen and Carlos, the worse enemies, become natural alies and will make a run, each on their own, to discover who they really are, what principles are they willing to sacrifice to deserve a honorable death and to tell the truth to destroy the system, even if that means to die.