Screenplay by Ricardo Del Rio
based on a Story by Marcelo and Ricardo Del Rio

Dare to peek into the other side.

To face her worst fears, a Woman journeys back to her past, only to awake a sinister dread patiently waiting for her to return.

Shattering what seems to be a perfect life in uptown California, Psychiatrist Monica Dreser is forced to travel back to Puerto Vallarta, the town she grew in and where her wealthy, absorbing mother killed herself.

Upon her arrival, Monica learns that her mother could’ve been murdered and that the only witness, now the main suspect, is her mother’s maid. But the Maid is in shock, lost in a deep schezofrenic crisis and a terrible phobia to mirrors. To discover the truth underneath her mother’s death, Monica will have to dig into the Maid’s strange mind and her own distant and long forgotten past to uncover the dark secrets that her mother took to her grave and that lie beyond the mirror.