BILLY JONES – Executive Summary


14-year-old Will is secretly in love with Lisa, a smart, kind, fierce and beautiful classmate, who Will learns is dying and is unaware of it.  Hiding his true concern and guided by a century-old legend, Will takes Lisa on a life-changing adventure to find the treasure that might save her.  A lost treasure buried alongside the impossible love between a Native girl and a white boy named Billy Jones.

  • Genre: Romance / Adventure.
  • Rating: PG
  • Budget: $3’500,000.00*
  • Locations: British Columbia, Canada & Baja Studios, Mexico.
  • Business Model: Pre-sales MGs, SVP based on Pre-sales MGs, Equity Partners at 36%, Film Fund at 25%, GAP washed with Tax & Co-Production Incentives.
  • Distribution: Domestic & International Distribution open.

The Creative Team:

  • Directed by: Agustin Castaneda
  • Written by: Agustin Castaneda, Jeronimo Bertran & Ricardo Del Rio
  • Produced by: Jeronimo Bertran & Ricardo Del Rio
  • Executive Producers: Nicolas Veinberg, Jeronimo Bertran Sr., Sue-Allen Villalva,  Eduardo Ceballos & Santiago Garcia
  • Director of Photography: Alejandro Martinez
  • Production Design: Marco Niro
  • Casting by: Carla Hool
  • Art Director: Marcelo Del Rio
  • Music Producer: Joey Molina

In a small woodland town in California, 14-year-old Will learns that Lisa, the girl he is secretly in love with, has a life-threatening illness that she is unaware of.

Will and his friends discover the story of a 16-year-old boy named Billy Jones, who lived during the California Gold Rush and became a defender of the exploited Native American workers in a gold mine.  He had an impossible love with a Kumeyaay girl named Nayee and in order to save their Native Lands from the gold prospectors, risked his own life by hiding a treasure deep in the mountain.

Defying school bullies, dangers of the forest, and a band of con-artists, Will, Lisa and his friends embark on a life-changing adventure up the mountain to find Billy Jones’ treasure.  All the while, hiding from Lisa the true purpose of the quest: finding a way to save her.

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To develop, produce and distribute a high-quality romantic adventure film.

To offer viewers a story of love, hope and courage, especially for those facing situations of adversity and discrimination. To tell a story, in times of increasing prejudice, of young heroes who follow their hearts and gather the courage to challenge the odds for love and what is right.

To reach the heart of teenagers and enrich them by projecting values of humanity, solidarity, love, friendship, and the fight against injustice.

To create a project of the highest quality by assembling a team of experienced and committed creative artists, who will depict two parallel stories in different time periods in a realistic and exciting way.


Aim-In, is scheduling and budgeting the project based on a US location shoot with an international team of Top Creative Heads of Department and a combination of “A” supporting actors and known teenage talent. This formula has proved to be extremely effective in films and series such as Stranger Things and Wonder.

The film will have extensive preparation, dedicated development and thorough research and planning. When ready, principal photography will be properly executed during a five-week on-location shoot in Canada followed by two weeks of stage work at Baja Studios, Mexico.

5. FILM FUNDING in US Dollars
  • Production Cost (Core Net Budget*) 3,500,000*
  • Total Pre-sale goal (85% of Production Cost) 3,000,000
  • MG (60% of Pre-sales) 1,800,000
A. Commitments
  • SVP Loan (75% of Pre-sales MG) 1,350,000
  • AIM-In Film Fund* (25% of Production Cost) 875,000
  • Equity Investors (36% of Production Cost) 1,275,000

Total Commitments 3,500,000*

B. Financial Costs
  • SVP Fees (-4% of SVP Loan) -54,000
  • SVP Interest Reserve (-8% of SVP Loan) -108,000
  • Legal & Tax Audit Fees (-2% of Production Cost) -70,000

Total Financial Costs -232,000

Net to Production (A+B) 3,268,000

GAP Tax Credit Loan – (80% of 20% of Applicable Net Costs) 232,000

Net Production Funding 3,500,000*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: 3.5mm USD Budget and Base for Returns considers an Industry Standard scale ATL (including WGA scale, non-DGA loan out & SAG schedules C&F scales) if more expensive talent is secured the cost/revenue model will grow proportionally up to a 5 million USD bottom-line net cost.


From Revenues:

  • Senior Loan (SVP Loan) – Credit Institution gets 100% payment until paid in full.
  • AIM-In Film Fund* (otherwise the Gap Loan) – Fund is paid all amounts due until paid in full.
  • CAM – After SVP is paid, CAM administers account and payments and deducts its fees and costs from received payments.
  • Residual Funds– Are set-aside to pay guild residuals.
  • Sales Agent (from Foreign Sales only) – Non-deferred fees and costs (5%, plus $200K XP’s and $75K market fee).
  • Domestic Sales (U.S only) – 6% aggregate to Distributor & Sales Agency.
  • Sales Agent (from Foreign Sales only)- Deferred fees and costs 6% industry standard.
  • Equity Investors – Equity financiers recoup, pro-rata and pari-passu, until principal plus a 20% ROI flat deferred returns are paid.
  • AIM-In Film Fund ROI – 20% ROI flat deferred returns are paid.
  • Completion Bond – If completion guaranty expended any completion sums, such amounts are repaid at this point.
  • Deferments – All deferments paid, pro rata and pari-passu.

After Breakeven Point:

  • Backend Profits – All profit participants paid, typically divided 50% to financiers and 50% to producers and creative.
  • Equity Points – every 12,750 USD = 1 net points of the investor’s share back end.

Active Development Period – August to October 2018.

Research and script development, first draft and preliminary schedule, budget and business plan, pre-casting, pre-selection of creative department heads, letters of intent, sales agency and distribution engagements, and equity investor’s presentations.  Full funding on paper, based on pre-sale estimates and adjustments of loans and equity investment.

Soft Pre-Production Period – November – December 2018.

Lead talent casting, creative department heads deal memos, creative department heads location pre-scout and on-site research, on-location resources and local pre-casting.  Re-write for 2nd script draft, revised schedule, budget and business plan. Escrow funding, production design and costume design.

Pre-Production Period – January 2019 to February 2019.

Final casting, final draft and final schedule and budget, insurance and completion bond, sag agreement. Facilities setup, sets, props & costume creation, equipment shipping and distant and local hires, rehearsals and cash-flow.

Principal Photography Period – February 2019 to April 2019.

Shooting on location according to final schedule and final draft, daily production reports and weekly cost reports, location agreements & releases, on location logistics and on location editorial assembling. Location work will be completed prior to stage work.

Post-Production Period – May 2019 to September 2019.

Editorial, director’s cut, test screenings, visual effects and sound editing, final cut and final mixing. Digital film & sound deliverables including full-length feature, teaser and campaign trailers and teaser and campaign posters.

Distribution Period – October 2019 to December 2019.

Limited domestic US release October 2019, worldwide theatrical releases from November to December 2019. Domestic VOD in December 2019 as Christmas event.


Billy Jones is the coming of age story of Will, a teenage boy who is in the process of discovering who he truly is and selflessly undertakes a quest to help Lisa, the girl of his dreams who is going through a life and death challenge. Upon this magical adventure, they help each other through a journey of growth and mutual discovery.

Ultimately, they form a powerful bond that blossoms into true love. They share their quest with their closest friends and discover the most valuable treasure they could ever find: friendship.

Billy Jones will appeal to a broad audience from youths to adults who remember their first true love.  A romantic adventure with a solid positive message that will make audiences feel the thrill, the heroism, and the nostalgia.  A family film that will be remembered fondly and revisited for years to come.