Season 1 Episode 2 (Castaways)

Draft Treatment by Jeronimo Bertran

WGAW# 1926380
Date: 4/9/18


The survivors are drifting on their small raft.  They have drifted at sea for two weeks and are visibly tired, hungry and sunburned.  They have managed to create some shade using wood and a blanket.  Diego de Solís drinks a little wine from a wineskin.  Thiago is watching Solís as if asking for some wine.  Solís gives the dog some wine.  The wine runs out.  Solís knows they don’t have much time left.  Everyone is sleeping except Francisco who is holding the Bible.  Solís looks at Francisco in disapproval.  Francisco asks Solís why he was imprisoned.  Solís explains that he belonged to a group of swordsmen that used science as their main source for survival and fighting and that some of their methods were not very well accepted by the Church and he had been arrested to face the courts of the Spanish Inquisition for being a heretic.  Francisco points out that they are all going to die soon and that it is better to be in good terms with God.

Suddenly Thiago starts barking at something in the distance.  They all look in that direction and see a coast in the distance.  They all start paddling towards it.


De Dávila and the others arrive at a beach in Campeche.  They celebrate that they are alive and pull the raft onto the beach.  The beach is surrounded by a very thick jungle.  They decide to go into the jungle to look for some water and shelter.


After walking for some time, the group arrives at a small creek.  There are small passion fruit trees nearby.  They all begin to eat some of the fruit and drink the water.  Suddenly Solís begins to hear some movement in the jungle.  Thiago begins growling.  Solís takes out his sword and moments later dozens of Mayan warriors jump at them.  Solís fights off a few but they are grossly outnumbered.  Francisco grabs Rafael and starts running in the direction they came in.  Thiago follows as Solís holds the natives so that they can escape.  The other two men, Pedro Alvarez and Adolfo de Lugo, are captured by the Mayas.  With Francisco and Rafael away, Solís runs towards them.  A few natives run after him but Solís fights them off and escapes.

Solís reunites with Francisco and Rafael and they hide until they don’t hear any more sounds from the Mayan warriors.  Solís comes out silently and returns to the creek but there is nobody there.


The Mayan warriors bring Pedro Alvarez and Adolfo de Lugo to their village.  They are held on their knees as the cacique of the village approaches.  The cacique studies the two prisoners, touches their beards in amusement and pinches their skin.  After a few seconds, he instructs the warriors to release them and gives orders to some of the women.  The women go into the houses and come out with dishes which are presented to the Spaniards.  Pedro and Adolfo are confused.  The cacique instructs them to eat and, being so hungry, they begin eating like pigs.  The cacique laughs as does all the village.  Pedro and Adolfo smile back but immediately get back to eating.


Solís, Francisco and Rafael are filling the wineskins with water from the creek.  They decide that they should find shelter and go out to try to find Pedro and Adolfo the next day.


Hernán Cortés arrives in Cuba with Diego Velázquez.   Velázquez tells Hernán Cortés that if he serves him well, he will be well rewarded, and he will secure for him a high political position in the colony.  Hernán Cortés assures Velázquez that he will not be disappointed.


Pedro and Adolfo are sitting by themselves inside a home made of wood, mud and grass.  They have been given Mayan clothing and have been in the village for a week.  There is plenty of food and water inside the house.  Two Mayan warriors guard the entrance outside.  Adolfo tells Pedro that they should find a way to get away and find the others.  Pedro doesn’t agree.  He insists that the village is friendly and that they are getting more food than they can eat. As he says this, two Mayan women come in carrying even more food for them.  He suggests they should wait a few days and not anger the natives.  They continue eating the meat dishes that have just been brought to them.


Solís, Francisco and Rafael are sitting around a small fire and are eating passion fruit.  Rafael is clearly tired of eating fruit and complains to his father that they have been eating this for a week and would like to have some meat for a change.  Francisco mocks Rafael and tells him to run to the butcher shop and buy some meat.  Rafael doesn’t find it funny, gets up and walks away while Thiago follows.

As Rafael walks a few yards he notices a rabbit eating some leaves.  He silently gets low and instructs Thiago to go get the rabbit.  Thiago runs towards the rabbit which runs into the vegetation.  After a few seconds, Thiago comes out with the rabbit on his mouth.  Rafael smiles.

Solís and Francisco continue eating passion fruit as Rafael gets back proudly holding three dead rabbits by the ears.  Francisco is surprised and Solís starts laughing.

Sometime later, they are finishing the cooked rabbit when they notice smoke coming from a valley at a distance.  They decide to walk towards it to investigate.


Pedro and Adolfo are inside the house as two Mayan women come in followed by the Mayan warriors.  The women instruct the Spaniards to follow them.  Pedro and Adolfo get up and are escorted out of the house each by one of the women.  Outside, the village is preparing for a celebration.  There are several bonfires, music and dancing.

In the center of the village a large feast is served in front of the cacique with several prominent families sitting around the food.  In the center, food includes fish, meat and vegetables.


Solís, Francisco and Rafael arrive at a point in the jungle where they see the celebration.  From there they see Pedro and Adolfo walking with the two women towards the center of the village where they are preparing a meal.  Francisco points out that Pedro and Adolfo are doing fine and that the natives are friendly.  He suggests they go towards them.  Solís doesn’t like the idea.  He watches the scene carefully and tells Francisco they should stay hidden.  Francisco gets up and argues that they are way too vulnerable out in the jungle and tells Solís that he and his son are walking towards the village.  Solís gets up, draws his rapier, points it at Francisco’s throat and demands he sits down and stay quiet.  Francisco complies as Solis turns his attention to the village down below.


Pedro and Adolfo are seated on the circle around the food facing the cacique.  A woman brings a large bowl with hot meat and places it in front of Pedro.  He looks at the dish happily.  Suddenly, a warrior walks behind Pedro, and with a quick move slits his throat holding his head with the other hand by the hair in a way that all the blood from his throat falls into the hot bowl.  Adolfo gets up immediately and is held down by two warriors.  The two women hold Pedro’s body as the same warrior that slit his throat, cuts off an arm with a single blow.  He then picks up the arm and hands it to the cacique who takes a bite out of it and smiles in approval, his teeth bloody.  The warrior continues to dismember Pedro as they start distributing his body parts around the table.

Solís, Francisco and Rafael are watching the scene horrified and Francisco pulls Rafael back. They start to move backwards.

Adolfo is still subdued by the two men as the warrior with the knife approaches him.


Solís, Francisco and Rafael arrive at a cave in the jungle close to the beach.  They decide that it is hidden enough to build a shelter.  They make a small fire.  Rafael falls asleep laying down next to Thiago.  Francisco and Solís start building a shelter.


Several months have passed and Francisco and Solís have managed to build a decent shelter hidden from plain view.  The shelter is inside the jungle but very close to a secluded beach and to a creek.  Thiago has almost reached his full-grown size and is sitting next to Rafael who is watching Solís practicing fencing on the beach.  His father calls Rafael from inside the shelter.  Rafael goes into the shelter.  Francisco has the Bible in his hands and reminds Rafael that it is time to study.  Rafael complains that they have been there for months and all they do is study the Bible.  Rafael wants to go out an explore.  Francisco strictly prohibits Rafael to go wondering into the jungle.  Rafael is angry and walks out towards Solís.

Rafael asks Solís to teach him how to fight.  Solís agrees but doesn’t think Francisco will be very happy about it so he tells Rafael that he must keep it a secret.  Rafael agrees and Solís hands him the rapier which Rafael observes in admiration.


Velázquez is holding a reunion at his house.  By now Hernán Cortés has a high position and has clearly done very well financially.  A couple of men including a man named Nicolás de Salazar ask Hernán Cortés how he was able to become the first one to own a herd and a house and how he was able to extract so much gold.  Diego Velázquez interrupts the conversation and assures the others that Hernán Cortés has done a fantastic job and that he is entrusting him with his affairs and the supervision of the erection of several buildings, including a smelter and a hospital.  The men are clearly jealous of Hernán Cortés.

A young man by the name of Juan Xuárez comes into the house with his mother and four young sisters.  Hernán Cortés and Velázquez immediately notice the girls who are very pretty.   One of the other men explains to Hernán Cortés that Juan Xuárez is from Granada and that he had brought to Cuba his mother and four sisters thinking to pick up rich husbands.  Hernán Cortés takes special notice on Catalina, a sweet looking girl with an angelical look.

Juan Xuárez introduces himself to Diego Velázquez and thanks him for having them at his house.  Velázquez introduces Hernán Cortés, and Xuárez introduces his sisters.  Hernán Cortés kisses Catalina’s hand and she seems flattered.  Gonzalo de Umbría looks at Hernán Cortés flirting with Catalina and rolls his eyes.

Later that evening Hernán Cortés and Catalina are in a conversation.  Catalina seems very nice and a little naïve.  She tells Hernán Cortés that she had dreamed she would become a great lady and that even an astrologer had told her that she would be so in a distant place.  Hernán Cortés assures her that he is certain she will be so.

Nicolás de Salazar can be seen secretly reporting something to Hugo de Cáceres.  Hugo de Cáceres looks at Hernán Cortés with contempt.


Hernán Cortés is making love to Catalina.  She is in love and tells Hernán Cortés how happy she is to be at his side.  Hernán Cortés assures her that they will get married.  Catalina is excited and tells Hernán Cortés that she will always be by his side.


Rafael de Dávila, on his 8th birthday is enjoying lessons on Destreza from Diego de Solís.  Solís explains to Rafael the mathematical concepts of Destreza by drawing circles on the sand.  He tells Rafael that the geometry should always be in his head.  After that, they both decide to explore behind the shelter and come upon a beautiful cenote.  Rafael immediately jumps in from a hole on the top and Solís joins him soon.  Thiago waits impatiently on the top.  They are having a good time.  While Rafael is enjoying the water, Solís notices a white crystalline on the cave wall.  He uses a knife to scrape some off and saves it.

When they get back to the shelter, Francisco is angry that Rafael has not spent time with his Bible studies and is not happy with his son spending time with Solís as he was a prisoner being transferred to face the Spanish Inquisition for the crime of blasphemy.  That night, both men argue and Solís tells Francisco to look around and warns him that the Bible will not save his son’s life there.

Solís then goes out and takes the white rocks he had gathered at the cenote, he grabs a piece of charcoal and begins mixing and grinding them together.

A few days later, Rafael wonders off with Thiago behind him and becomes curious of something with bright colors moving on the ground.  He tries to pick it up and it turns out to be a coral snake and is bitten.  Thiago runs back to the shelter and barks at Francisco who follows him and brings Rafael back.  Rafael cannot move, his speech is slurred and is having trouble breathing.  Francisco applies a tourniquet and calls out for Solís.  Francisco gets out a knife and is about to cut on Rafael’s wound when Solís comes in and stops him.   Solís immediately takes off the tourniquet and allows the wound to bleed for 15 seconds before cleaning it with a piece of cloth and water.  He then applies pressure to the wound.  Francisco is about to argue but Solís assures him that he knows what he is doing.  Rafael is now unconscious.   Solís tells Francisco that it is time to wait and, yes, pray.

Rafael remains unconscious several days while Francisco and Solís take care of him.  During this time, Rafael dreams about his mother.  In his dream she tells him that they will be together soon but now he and his father must take care of each other, then everything catches fire and Rafael wakes up.

Francisco is rejoiced to see Rafael is ok.   Rafael tells his father that he remembered his mother in a dream, but Francisco dismisses the idea telling him that his mother died at childbirth, so he could not remember her.  After Rafael is left to rest a little, Francisco asks Solís to train his son in combat.


The family is sleeping in the main room.  Citlalin, now 6 years old, starts having nightmares.  In her nightmares, Xolotl, the canine Aztec god with ragged ears and other deformities, chases Citlalin into the underworld where she is met by monsters.  She wakes up sweating.


The next day, Citlalin is getting ready for school and her mother reminds her that she must cover her birthmark.  Her brother Ichtaca clearly does not like his sister.  They both walk out to go to their respective schools accompanied by their small dog when they are met by older children who bully them because they are deformed twins.  They go after Ichtaca, but it is Ciitlalin who fights them off.   The warrior Necalli witnesses this and takes the children away.  He is concerned about Citlalin’s fighting spirit.  Ichtaca is embarrassed with Necalli because it was Citlalin who fought back the bullies and not him.  Necalli tells Ichtaca to go to school and stays with Citlalin.  Ichtaca leaves after telling his sister that he hates her.

Necalli tells Citlalin that she must not fight on the streets or show anyone that she is a fighter.  He promises to teach her the ways of the warriors if she promises to never show it in public as this could bring danger to her and to her family.  Citlalin agrees.  Ichtaca is watching them with angry eyes, hidden from a distance.


Before the five suns, the Four Brother gods fought for supremacy, each striving to secure his own survival.

Chaos was at the beginning of it all, the endless sea, where Ometecuhtli, the Lord of Duality, lived.  It was he who created the Four Brothers who were interwoven and were reflected in a smoking mirror environment.   Tezcatlipoca, the Black Smoking Mirror on the north, Quetzalcoatl, the White Smoking mirror on the west, Huitzilopochtli, the Blue Smoking Mirror on the south and Xipe Totec, the Red Smoking Mirror on the east.



Diego Velázquez is having a small gathering at his house.  Among the guests are Juan Xuárez with his sisters and Hernán Cortés.  Catalina is now Hernán Cortés’ partner and Diego Velázquez is courting Beatriz, Catalina’s older sister who has an unsavory reputation.  During the gathering, Hernán Cortés notices that Beatriz demands things from Velázquez and he makes a special effort to satisfy her wishes.  Hernán Cortés sees this as a sign of weakness.  He then silently walks into the corridors of the house.  Catalina notices Hernán Cortés silently going into the house, smiles and decides to go after him to find a place to be alone with him.  She starts looking for him in the different rooms.  She opens one of the doors and finds Hernán Cortés kissing a young lady.  Catalina gasps, the young lady leaves and Hernán Cortés tries to calm Catalina down.

At that moment, Beatriz comes in and sees what is happening, followed by Diego Velázquez and a few other guests.  Catalina is crying and goes to Beatriz who is furious.  Beatriz tells Velázquez to do something as Hernán Cortés has promised to marry Catalina.  Velázquez urges Hernán Cortés to keep his promise.  Hernán Cortés tells everyone that he intends to explore new lands and has no time or place to have a wife.  He tells Velázquez that no one can make him marry Catalina and leaves the house furiously.

Hugo de Cáceres is in the back of the room and whispers instructions to Nicolás de Salazar.

Beatriz insists to Velázquez that he must do something, but he doesn’t know what can be done.  At that moment friends of Velázquez, who are jealous of Hernán Cortés, headed by Nicolás de Salazar, approach Velázquez and tell him that they know of wicked deeds in the affairs that have been entrusted to Hernán Cortés and that he had strange and secret dealings with several people.  Gonzalo de Umbría is listening to the men complaining to Velázquez.


Hernán Cortés is working on his desk when someone knocks on the door.  As soon as Hernán Cortés opens the door, three men jump him and begin beating him.  They drag him outside all the way to the plaza.


The three men take off Hernán Cortés’ shirt and throw him to the ground.  His feet are placed on a stock on the ground and closed around his ankles.  The holes on the stocks are very small and very painful.  One of the men kicks Hernán Cortés one last time in the face before leaving him in the stocks.


Hernán Cortés is sleeping on the street in the stocks.  He is woken up by small rocks hitting his face.  When he opens his eyes, he sees two children throwing pebbles at him and laughing.  He notices that he can’t move.

Diego Velázquez arrives at the plaza with the three men that took Hernán Cortés the night before.  He tells Hernán Cortés that he has been accused of many charges and given that he was not honoring his word in marrying Catalina, he was being put in a very difficult position.  Hernán Cortés argues that all accusations are false, and Velázquez responds that a trial would determine that since there were many men who were willing to testify against him.  Velázquez gives Hernán Cortés the option of marrying Catalina and avoid the trial which Hernán Cortés refuses.  Velázquez asks his men to throw Hernán Cortés into prison.


Hernán Cortés is thrown into a vault in irons and a shackle is placed on one of his ankles.  Hernán Cortés is convinced that he will not be freed, and will be sent back to Spain.  Once he is alone, he tries to free his foot from the shackle.  The shackle is tight and his efforts to free himself make his ankle bleed.  He gives up.


A figure arrives silently outside Hernán Cortés’ cell.  It is Gonzalo de Umbría.  Gonzalo de Umbría warns Hernán Cortés that he must find a way to get out of prison since there will be a trial before false witnesses, as commonly happens in these parts.  He also informs him that many men have accused Hernán Cortés, wishing to receive the benefits that Velázquez has granted him, and that Velázquez is acting out of a passion for his love with Beatriz.

Hernán Cortés thanks Gonzalo de Umbría and lets him know that he is a good friend and that when the time comes to explore new lands, he will make him his pilot and they will share the riches that they find.  Hernán Cortés asks Gonzalo de Umbría to secretly tell Juan Xuárez to come see him in prison alone.  Gonzalo de Umbría agrees and leaves.


Juan Xuárez arrives at the prison.  Hernán Cortés tells him that he will honor his promise to Catalina and marry her but that they have to act quickly to prevent Velázquez from giving away Hernán Cortés’ fortune.  He asks Xuárez for a coin and asks him to hide a sword and a crossbow at the gate outside of Velázquez’ property.  Xuárez gives Hernán Cortés a coin and leaves.

Hernán Cortés tries to free himself from the shackle one more time.  After several painful efforts he frees his foot.  He waits.  A boy arrives to serve him food.  Hernán Cortés bribes the boy with the coin he received from Xuárez and convinces him to exchange clothing with him and allow him to escape.  Hernán Cortés leaves the prison.


Hernán Cortés finds the crossbow and sword that Xuárez had hidden outside Velázquez property.  He grabs them and proceeds to the front door.


Hernán Cortés knocks on the door, which is opened by a servant.  Hernán Cortés tells the servant that he wishes to speak with the Lord Governor Velázquez after which he is allowed to come into the house.  The servant leaves.  Diego Velázquez comes down and is very surprised to see Hernán Cortés.  Seeing him armed and at such a late hour he feels alarmed, but asks Hernán Cortés to eat with him.

Hernán Cortés tells Velázquez that he has agreed to marry Catalina, and that he wants to learn the nature of the charges the others had made against him, and to assure Velázquez that he is his friend and servant.  Velázquez informs him that the accusations had been made by Nicolás de Salazar.  Velázquez and Hernán Cortés shake hands and toast to a new friendship.  They begin drinking and talking.  After some time, they are drunk and lay down together on the couch.


A captain comes into the living room urgently with news for Velázquez.  He stands by the door and calls out to the Governor.  Velázquez can barely sit down to listen to the news as he is very hungover.  The captain informs Velázquez that Hernán Cortés has managed to escape from prison and that they have looked everywhere and have no idea where he may be.  At that moment, Hernán Cortés sits up right next to Velázquez.


Townspeople are going about their business in the town.  Suddenly a man falls out of a third-floor window and lands on the street dead.  People approach the man.  It is Nicolás de Salazar.