AIMIN Film Fund About Itaca

ITACA Films, co-founded by Alex García and Santiago García Galván in 2011. Since its inception, ITACA has produced and co-produced over 50 films in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Initially established in Mexico City, ITACA currently has branches in Bogotá, Colombia (in partnership with producer Rodrigo Guerrero), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (with producer Gustavo Angel), Los Angeles, USA and Havana, Cuba.

ITACA is actively seeking to expand the number of English language films on its slate, and is pursuing stellar material, established filmmakers and high-quality talent. Within all of the countries in which it operates, ITACA can act as producer, financier, co-financier as well as a production services company. In 2016 Santiago García Galván takes control of ITACA Films and Alex García remains but as silent partner.