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Screenplay by Ricardo Del Rio

based on a Book by Immaculee Ilibagiza & Steve Erwin.

 “…Love is all I’ve got left.”

Immaculee Ilibagiza grew up in a country she loved, surrounded by a family she cherished. But in 1994 her idyllic world was ripped apart as Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide.

Immaculee’s family was brutally murdered during a killing spree that lasted three months and claimed the lives of nearly a million Rwandans. Incredibly, Immaculee survived the slaughter. For 91 days, she and seven other women huddled silently together in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor while hundreds of machete-wielding killers hunted for them.

It was during those endless hours of unspeakable terror that Immaculee faced her fear of death and forged a profound faith. She emerged from her bathroom hideout having discovered the meaning of truly unconditional love—a love so strong she was able seek out and forgive her family’s killers.

The triumphant story of this remarkable young woman’s journey through the darkness of genocide will inspire us all, in particular anyone whose life has been touched by fear, suffering, and loss.



Screenplay by Marcelo and Ricardo Del Rio
based on a Story by Marcelo Del Rio

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“Few rise as heroes for no one wants to fall as a martir.”


Two brothers on a collision course: One blinded by his lust for power, one bound to his quest for freedom, both adrift between heaven and earth.


Story and Screenplay by Marcelo Del Rio

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After her father falls into a coma while experimenting with ancient drugs, Sophia, a young neuroscientist, devotes her life to find his conscience before he dies and discovers proof of what lies beyond death and the origin of evil.



Professor David Hoffmann, an atheist and social anthropologist, falls into a coma while experimenting first hand, the effects of drugs on primitive societies’ collective psyche. Sophia, his daughter, becomes a passionate neuroscientist and devotes her life to find his conscience… or what the common people call “Soul”, before unplugging him from the life support system.

Kenzo Kajihara, Sophia’s partner and a talented engineer, after failing to fund his project through traditional channels, opens a public raise funding on line to build a modified Cat-scan that will map and decode dreams, translating them into images with videogames technology. The response is astounding… Hackers all over the world take part in the project designing the software.

About to loose the race against the limited time before Hoffmann’s legal lifetime expires, Sophia uses Sammy (a drug addict) and Jack (a psicotic Gamer), two of her teenage patients, to test the new programs knowing that they may never wake up again.

The ilegal on line experiment is a success and goes viral when Sammy’s conscience accesses Hoffmann’s subconscious with the help of Jack’s intuitive talents, but when Hoffmann dies unexpectedly, they can not bring Sammy back. The images her mind sends into the program confirm the Near Death Experiences so many people have described… everyone all over the world, is full of joy… they believe they have proof of the portal to the afterlife. The millions of hits call attention from different governments’ authorities… Never has one site experienced such an overload and the web servers collapse.

Everyone tries to find where the problem is but there is no explanation. After a while, they start to realize… There is nothing else out there. Sammy’s signals fade to black… People still have faith and they wait… Everyone wants the proof one way or another… Hackers give advise, Religious leaders and scientific personalities try to explain… but no one can justify with a logical theory.

Jack and the hackers discover that- There is a signal, still… not from Hoffmann or Sammy’s brains but in the program’s software itself. Sammy’s conscience is trapped. Her body is in a deep coma now and the government officials try to unplug her, but for no humanitarian reasons.

Kenzo and Sophia discover a hidden agenda, they have suddenly become politically dangerous, scientific, religious and social outcasts, not only for having the incontroversial proof that there is no afterlife, but because they discovered the possibility to create one. Whoever controlls the new technology will have the power to create Heaven, to create Hell and to judge who’s souls go where, not to make us more moral or more human beings, but to sell it…







Screenplay by Ricardo Del Rio
based on a Story by Marcelo, Arturo 
and Ricardo Del Rio

Mankind was never meant to survive.

Prospecting an asteroid in search of a forbidden mother lode, a small group of convicts makes a grim finding: They were all condemned to die in space… along with the rest of humanity.


In space, having a good Engineer is as important as having a good Dentist.

17. No one likes the Engineer, but he doesn’t care; in any correction facility, it’s enough to be needed. He used to be a botanic engineer who got caught engineering hard drugs; back on Earth a serious offense but out in space, a gift. Every single convict would love to see him gone; he takes more than gives, but all depend on him: From growing spices and fresh vegetables and coffee for the Cook at the Mine’s Saloon, to fix personalized drugs, to raise Bonsai Trees, the status quo in space. If any small favor is a big deal in prison, out in space any big favor becomes a life’s debt. His talent to fix things also has come in handy for the convict prospectors, most of which owe him more than they can afford to pay, juggling when and how he collects, anyone who owes him is also his enemy.

18. Money don’t mean a big deal out in space, the Engineer has bartered enough to stockpile a collection of Earth’s junk stored back at his own asteroid; a now depleted mine he “inherited” from his former partner upon his death. Once every two weeks the Engineer visits the saloon over the Moon’s dark side colony, barters his products and gets laid with a local prostitute, then gets drunk, loses the cash he’s earned at the gaming tables and goes back to Dactyl until he forgets how bad a hangover in low gravity can be and how messy it can get, this takes just enough time for the engineered crops to grow back and his loneliness to overwhelm his survival instinct; also, every two weeks, the prison barge arrives to the Moon’s dark side hulk with fresh opportunities to try the new flesh and to con the fresh convicts at the Saloon.

19. The Engineer observes the new arrivals, half of them will be dead in a couple of years in a mining accident or at the hands of someone who will never be accused, what happens in space, stays in space; the other half will be sick in five to ten years, ten years out here is like dog years, you can grow old fast. Amongst the eclectic variety of new arrivals one in particular catches his eye: this man doesn’t belong there, like a fish out of the water Nathaniel Pope gets into the Saloon as a kid would enter his classroom on his first day at school. Nathaniel reaches the bar and asks for a drink, still carrying his duffel bag and a survival backpack. A prostitute approaches the Man and tries to hook him… The Engineer watches as Nathaniel probes the prostitute about the black market and the local drugs, Nathaniel shows her the amber.

20. The Engineer’s curiosity grows; the Prostitute tries to get Nathaniel into a low G sex booth but Nathaniel is not interested. The local Pimp approaches Nathaniel to try to collect a fine for wasting his working girl’s time, as the clients get hooked fast; Nathaniel doesn’t have enough to pay as he just signed up for labor in the mines. The Prostitute wants the amber as compensation, Nathaniel refuses and the ensuing fight breaks, Nathaniel is getting his ass kicked by the pimp and his enforcers. They’re about to finish him when the Engineer intervenes. The pimp seems to owe several favors to the Engineer so he’s happy to even the score and let Nathaniel go. The Engineer helps Nathaniel back into the Saloon and buys him a drink. Now, the Engineer questions Nathaniel. Reluctantly, Nathaniel ventures to show the Engineer the amber; the Engineer recognizes it, he’s seen one identical before, back at his asteroid’s mine station.

21. Nathaniel reveals he’s been looking for these ambers for over two years now and promises to share its secrets if the Engineer helps him find their origin. The Engineer agrees and pays the tab, then both leave the Saloon. The Engineer leads Nathaniel to his shuttle, his asteroid lies 60,000 km from the Moon at LaGrange so it will take twelve hours to reach it. The Engineer notifies his Zombie technician at the station to be prepared for them and takes off.

This is the last time anyone at the mine, or anywhere for that matter, ever saw Nathaniel Pope again.


Trip and Script by Marcelo & Ricardo Del Rio

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 You can check out any time you like, but you just can never leave… 




Lured by fortune and fame a band of ex-convicts enters a music festival set in a Mexican ghost town, this will be the gig for their lives.



A group of four ex-convicts decide to live together to save the little money each one earns from their pathetic jobs. Their disfunctional new “family” is about to break up before it starts. Full in debt and about to be evicted, they realize that their only way out is to take part in a misterious music contest set in San Juditas, a Mexican Ghost town. They decide to impersonate “Los Santos”, an obscure Rock Band that had rented rooms in their house, but misteriously dissappeared six months before, leaving their instruments and a huge amount of hidden drugs behind.

Meanwhile, the original members of Los Santos are being tortured in a sacrificial manner in San Juditas, B.C. One of them escapes and gets to cross the border. When he is about to get home to pick up his things, a couple of secret police men grab him and take him away and back.

The band tries to find Sergio, the fifth ex convict, a repented would be assasin, who seriously writes awful poetry and lived once in San Juditas, to convince him to get them there. Sergio refuses, he will never go back to the kind of life he tries to escape from. Brian, the only professional musician and leader of the band, convinces him with the promise that one of his poems is good enough to make a song out of it. Sergio lost his love there and that would be the perfect excuse to get her back, but warns them that they may never come back. The band will go for the prize.

Once in San Juditas, Tim, starts to notice strange events. His sister Ana and Pinky, a huge gay afro american who believes in destiny and true love, try to convince him it is just his imagination playing games on him. The people of the town could not be friendlier, although they are strange and their outfits extravagant. The outsiders look dangerous, though, they are agressive and coarse, drug traffickers surely, but nothing to worry if they avoid interacting with them. The band is tense so Brian stops the practice and invites all to the Cantina for drinks. Brian and Tim are always fighting about Ana. Tim does not want an ex-con to pretend his sister and Brian is in love. They get into a fight but Sergio’s ex partner stops it and is about to discover them.

At the same time, an ancient Aztec ritual to sacrifice the cartel boss takes place. The band doesn’t knows that whoever wins the contest will be sacrificed as well… And they win.







Screenplay by Marcelo & Ricardo Del Rio

Based on a Story by Marcelo Del Rio Haza

El Jefe

“Only your death will reveal your truth”



A cartel Capo teams up with a famous journalist to avenge against the system that betrayed them as he tries to escape with a small orphan who wants to follow in his footsteps.


Carlos Guerrero learns the ways of the “Corporation”.

After witnessing the kidnap and murder of a Politician’s wife, Carlos is ordered to execute her young son. If he completes his task, there is no way back. Carlos disappears with the kid and no one ever sees him again. Now Carlos has to kill the Politician whom he admires; his boss suspects he will stop the war on drugs before it starts and this would be against their interests.

Carlos does what he has to do, with a clean shot to the heart, he kills him and his lover, a young latina girl.  Jonatan, his mentor, advises him never to shoot that way again, they can be tracked as a trademark. On their way out, they hear an infant cry. Carlos is ordered to kill the baby but he refuses and saves the infant instead and asks his partner to keep the secret. Now Carlos owes him and this kind of favors may cost him both their lives: When that child grows up, he will get his revenge.

30 years have passed, Carlos is a powerful Capo and Jonatan is now his second in command. Apparently, Carlos has no family. He knows the implications of having one… but he is fond of his partner’s family. While they watch a political interview a day before elections, his mentor implies that something has to be done about Karen Ferrer. She is a famous and incorruptible journalist in Mexico… she is still their worst enemy. Carlos refuses and no one in the organization understands why. Carlos suspects a conspiration against him while Karen interviews her old friend, now candidate…  She hurts his campaign and spoils her last powerful friendship not knowing how much she would need one soon.

During election day, Carlos  finds out he is marked to die and his death will be manipulated to legitimize the next governor. He contacts Karen to arrange for an interview where he will display proof of the corrupted system while he tries to escape. She refuses until she finds out that her family is under the cartel surveilance and only Carlos can help… But first, Carlos has to settle accounts with those who betrayed him; he does and they ask for a clean death. He kills them instead in the same fashion they made him kill the politician. He is not prepared to uncover his identity yet.

Carlos changes appearance and goes into a church where he meets a kid who tries to steal money from the church box. As he wrestles with him, the kid recognizes who he is. He wants to be a “The King of Hearts” like him when he grows up. Carlos finally scrams him away, but when he is asked for alms, he notices the kid took his gun and stole his money. The kid is a fugitive himself. He is running away from his father who exploits him and now wants to kill him.

Carlos starts looking for him while trying to hide from his own people. In the meantime, Karen discovers that one of her many enemies is going to kidnap her family. Karen and Carlos, the worse enemies, become natural alies and will make a run, each on their own, to discover who they really are, what principles are they willing to sacrifice to deserve a honorable death and to tell the truth to destroy the system, even if that means to die.